July 01, 2010

Natural Protective Substances Good for the Body

Use of health products that use chemical substances may often be found or has you use. Side effects on health of using any products that use hazardous chemicals would be detrimental to the future health of our bodies. Many people who have been using anti aging but the expected outcome would not have materialized if the product is to use chemicals that are harmful to human body.

Clinically proven products like health products from Oxis International course will provide a guarantee will increase your health. Health products from Oxis laboratory has been investigated and proved able to restore the health of the users of health products with the protection of natural substances. One product of this Oxis is LSA, which is lipid-soluble antioxidant compounds with strength up to 40 more quickly to treat chronic inflammatory joint diseases.

Use of natural protective substances of the product from Oxis as glutathione, and penny stocks & free radical has been proven effective for the treatment of many people expected. Using these products regularly natural health without side effects is hope for all users of health products, and it can be found in http://www.oxis.com.

August 31, 2009

Trojan Lurking Skype Users

SkypeSkype users, beware. Security firm Symantec found a Trojan source code to the targeting Skype users. Trojan.Peskyspy is spyware that records voice calls and save them as MP3 files. An infected machine will use the software that handles audio processing in a computer and store the data call as an MP3 file. MP3 file and then sent via Internet to a server that has been determined in which the attacker can then listen to the conversations that have been recorded. Because the call is MP3, the file size was not large and low-load transfer.

According to Symantec, the current risk of this trojan threat low. But because this code is freely available, Symantec said that the malware makers could use it as part of a surveillance package. This malware creators have to spend lots of time to listen to hours of audio files Skype to get something that catches their attention. Trojan lurking Skype users intercepted conversation.

July 30, 2009

WPA Security Encryption can be Penetrated

Encryption WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) should be tough right? However, Japanese scientists had only takes 60 seconds to penetrate the WPA encryption used in wireless router. Note this time brought down the previous record for 15 minutes. Toshihiro Ohigashi from Hiroshima University and Masakatu Morii of Kobe University will reveal how they do over at a conference in Hiroshima 25 September next. This inroad is not given full control of Wi-Fi connection, but allows the reading and spoofing packets.

But the ease of penetrate WPA encryption TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) to make that anyone who cares about security should start thinking to move to WPA2 with AES encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) which is more secure. The attack was carried out on a PC and Wi-Fi Access Point that were located far enough away so that the two devices see each other indirectly. Computer attacks carried out between them by acting as a relay using the correct checksum to trick the network. The good news, until now WPA2 with AES encryption newer remain safe from attacks by hackers.

June 30, 2009

High-Speed Data Access with the iPhone 3GS

Apple iPhone 3GSiPhone 3GS is a technology development from the previous iphone. 3GS iPhone has a faster performance with the additional new features, iPhone 3GS advantages provided to meet the needs of iphone lover of this Apple product. Smartphone apple that has been updated and is ready to be marketed to the world and many people who have been waiting to have this iphone 3GS.

Fans of Apple products for iphone 3GS is enthusiastic about the benefits of that, as in New York about a hundred people who live under the umbrella they wait open shop hours early to get iphone 3GS. The advantage of the iPhone 3GS has a speed that is higher than the previous generation, and 2 times faster than 3G version. High-speed data access through iPhone 3GS satisfying the apple mobile phone users in the exchange of information of various mobile phone networks and internet.

May 11, 2009

Millimeter Wave Frequencies For Broad Bandwidths

Millimeter wave frequencies offer a new frontier for communication. Realizing the overcrowding taking place at RF and microwave frequencies, the United States Federal Commision (FCC) and other regulatory agencies have looked to higher frequencies asn a way to add bandwidth and services. All that is missing is low-cost millimeter wave components to assemble affortable communications infrastructure and user devices to take advantage of the wide open bandwidth. Millimeter wave aim improve broad bandwidths, millimeter wave frequencies are so named for wavelengths of the signal, ranging from about 10 to 1 mm and covering frequencies from about 30 to 300 GHz.

The have traditionally seen use on military radar and missile seeker and guidance system. In 2003 the United States Federal Commission (FCC), seeking to open millimeter wave frequencies to commercial communications use, adopted a report and order establishing service rules or non-Federal development of certain portions of the millimeter wave spectrum, notably 71 to 70 GHz, 81 to 86 GHz, 91 to 94 GHz, and 94.1 to 95.0 GHz. Frequencies bands were made available in 1.25 GHz blocks on a non-exclusive basis.

Coordination of the spectrum use would be performed by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). The wireless Communication Association International (WCA) filed a petition for the FCC to reconsider certain aspects of the report and order but only for the 70 and 80 GHz bands. Among these considerations, all new 70 and 80 GHz users would have to verify in advance that their systems would not cause harmful interference to any existing link.